Baby Food | Corn Puree, Turkey & Cranberry

In the midst of the inevitable Thanksgiving meltdown, the idea of trying to come up with something special for the baby to eat can be downright overwhelming. But the best part about the Thanksgiving meal is, it’s tailor-made for baby! All it [...]

Homemade Popsicles with strawberry and yogurt

It's amazing how freezing a bit of fresh fruit on a stick can turn healthy food into the BEST. SNACK. EVER. Homemade popsicles take advantage of the ripe fruit of the season, are so so tasty, and dare I say, a bit healthy. The best part is, once [...]

Baby food |Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, & Barley

Baby Thanksgiving combines the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving, turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberries, into one baby-friendly plate that is soft, sweet, and savory. Pearl barley adds texture and exposes baby to more complex grains. Baby [...]

Baby Food | Strawberry & Mango Yogurt

Once baby is ready for yogurt, making your own flavored yogurt is super easy and healthy. There is no processed sugar or preservatives. The secret to sweetening yogurt naturally is adding some mango. Fresh or frozen mangos are a natural [...]

Baby Food | Creamy Avocado and Banana Purée

This is the easiest baby food there is. No blenders, heating, defrosting, etc. Often times I will carry an avocado and/or banana in my bag just in case my baby needs a quick snack! It's so easy just to grab a fork and mash the flesh. In this [...]

Baby Food | chicken & bone broth with ginger

In cooking, especially for baby, using fresh chicken broth is the best. Chicken broth is used in so many recipes both for my baby and family that I usually make a big pot of it when I can and freeze it. A trick I learned once was to freeze some [...]

Baby Food | Chicken, Rice & Butternut Squash

This is another delicious meat based babyfood that I would make for my son. I found that my friends thought it was most difficult to incorporate meat in their babies food. But like the beef recipe, this is super simple and very tasty. I would [...]