Chicken with rice & butternut squash

This is another delicious meat based babyfood that I would make for my son. I found that my friends thought it was most difficult to incorporate meat in their babies food. But like the beef recipe, this is super simple and very tasty. I would use any vegetable your baby likes, but definitely try either butternut squash or peas because they added some natural sweetness. As we’re getting into pea season, I would consider adding some fresh peas, but frozen work very well in this dish as well. Using fresh unsalted chicken broth is key and when baby is ready, you can add tender pieces of meat from the stock. (Patrick liked dark meat!) Be sure to check out our video on chicken and bone broth!


MAKES  18 oz of baby food
for babies 8 months and up


1 c. of butternut squash
1 c. of cooked rice
3 c. chicken broth


Halve, seed, peel, and chop butternut squash into cubes.


Optional: Shred a few pieces of chicken.  


Heat 3 cups of chicken broth over high flame.  


Add 1 cup of butternut squash to the broth.


Add 1 cup of cooked rice.


Optional: Add 1/2 c. of shredded chicken.


When boiling, reduce temperature to low / simmer.


Remember to stir occasionally and cook until rice and squash are super soft. It takes about 2 hours. If needed, add some more broth to thin out consistency.


Optional: Puree until you have the right texture for baby.


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