Carmelized Apple Tarte Tatin

My sister makes this tarte tatin every year for the holidays, and every year it’s a hit. How could it not be? Juicy apples, cooked slowly and bathed in golden brown caramel, all sitting atop a flaky butter crust. I mean… Get the Recipe

Miso Fish Soup with Fresh Dashi Broth

What is it about cooking outside that makes everything taste so darn good? Seriously, all it takes is a campfire and some fresh air, and all of a sudden a hot dog is the best meal you’ve ever had. This miso fish soup is no exception. After a day of fishing in the cool mountain air, it will perk you right up, regardless of whether you were able to catch your dinner. Get the Recipe

Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Ok so is there anything better than a warm piece of pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, melting slowly down the sides? Answer: No. Although I wouldn’t say no to an old-fashioned sundae either. For both you need a good base. A rich, velvety, anything but plain, vanilla ice cream. Get the Recipe

Raspberry Cardamom Jam

My family goes bonkers for jam. Seriously. We buy bread to eat jam. That’s the way it works in my house.

When it comes to making inventive, crazy-addictive, drool-worthy jam, Jessica Koslow of SQIRL really knows her stuff. Her recipe for raspberry-cardamom jam will knock your socks off. This recipe is simple, easy to make, and a sure success at home even for the first time. It actually works very well with regular grocery store raspberries, as they tend to have more pectin, meaning this could be a great project if you don’t have a farmers market nearby. Plus, up until the actual cooking stages, it provides an opportunity for the whole family to get involved: have the kiddos help out by squishing the fruit and sugar between their fingers to blend the ingredients. Getting messy has never produced such delicious results.
Get the Recipe

Classic Chinese Dumplings

We are a dumpling family. These little gems are juicy, savory, and rich, all wrapped up in pretty bite-sized packages. And they always end up on our table, whether we’re at home or eating out. We’ve been ordering the dumplings at Din Tai Fung for years, and they make great inspiration for at-home dumpling making. Get the Recipe